Monday, September 7, 2015

A little intro ...

Hey guys,
My name is Romira. I'm a Junior at Rhode Island College. I'm a Psychology major, but also double minoring in Neuro Behavioral Science and Gender & Women Studies. I'm taking this class for my minor and also because I would like to learn more about feminism since I believe I'm a feminist. Hopefully after this class I will be educated and a legitimate feminist. Over the summer I made sure I went to the beach at least once a week. I tanned as much as I could and I feel accomplished. When I am not in class i'm working like I did for the rest of the summer. If Im not working I'm in my room lounging or trying to workout at the gym. Other than that I don't do much. Well that is it for my first post.


  1. Hello Romira. I'm happy to meet another felllow aspiring feminist :). I also spent most of my summer working...sadly. This was a lovely first post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Romira!
    I myself still don't quite understand the concept of a feminist myself, so I guess you can say we are here in this class to figure that out. I didn't go to the beach as much as I wanted to but oh well...There's always next summer! I'm looking forward to have a great class with you!

  3. Hey Romira!
    Your name is so cool!! You're cool too. You seem like a very hard working person and I hope you feel accomplished as a feminist. I look forward to studying with you.
    ~ Kyle

  4. I love your name! And the beach is one of my favorite places too!